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One of the major Upgrades of Bharat Hydro Products involves the introduction of the automation department into its armory, changing with time is the way forward, and now it is the era of Automation thus introducing the Automation segment of Bharat Hydro Products: “Tekza Solutions”

Tekza: is an initiative to fulfill all Industrial automation needs under one roof. Our services make sure that the various automation demands from industries are accomplished at a single point. Tekza Provides services in Industrial Automation, Process Automation, Control Panel and Field wiring, Special purpose Machine.
Our Product ranges from PLC, HMI, SCADA, VFD, Servo motor & Drives, AC & DC Motors, Geared Motor, Timer, Counter, Temperature Controller, Encoder, Pressure Transmitter, Limit Switch, Float Switch, Custom Build Control Panel and their accessories.

Our Team comprises of exceptional talents with various backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives, but we all share one common dream: change things for the better and leave a mark on the world.

We pursue the highest standards professionally, personally, and ethically. Empowered by a bold mindset, we create products that are meant to deal with what is next to impossible and to move the immovable.

We always strive for improvement and aim to provide the best value to our customers. Remaining introspective, we look to improve ourselves before demanding or criticizing others.

Believing that great products raise Company’s standards and spread happiness, we bring technology back to the community by building an open and collaborative platform. Fame and profits alone seldom equal respect. Respect comes from doing right things the right way and building something that matters.

We are dreamers who always reach for the most ambitious goals.                                                               We are enthusiasts who love what we do.                                                                                                   We are Tekza where, “Change is simplified”.

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